Hastings Community

As many as 1 out of 3 Hastings residents, 50-75 years of age are not screened for colorectal cancer. We aim to improve colorectal cancer screening rates in Hastings by engaging the community through:

    • A colorectal cancer screening awareness campaign
    • Community events and activities
    • Community education and presentations
    • Additional patient support and information about screening options in primary care clinics
    • Meaningful and sustainable partnerships with community members and organizations


Upcoming events in Hastings


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If you are visiting the Marcus Theater beginning on March 21st, watch for the “Don’t Fear the Rear” ads before each show. See if you know someone in the ad and let them know you saw them!


Dates:  March 21 – April 25, 2014

Location:  Hastings Marcus Theater


Request a Speaker

The WISDM team does presentations about colorectal cancer screening options and shared decision making at local meetings, worksites and group settings in Hastings. To learn more or request a speaker for your group, fill out a form on our website by clicking here.